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Contractual agreement

When you have made the decision to buy a beach house you will need to sign a contractual agreement with Westland Strandhuis BV concerning the additional services and costs for the use of your spot on the beach.

Main articles of this rental agreement are:

  • Tenant pays a yearly fee for the beach section where his / her beach house is situated;
  • The duration of the beach season when your beach house is on the beach is from 1 April until 1 October;
  • Overnight stays are officially permitted;
  • Subletting (or make it available for rent in any form on any platform) is not allowed;
  • The rental agreement states that another beach houses will never be placed in front of your beach house;
  • All owners will have and will maintain to have a free view on the beach and the sea.

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The owner pays € 5.000,00 (index 2020). This amount will be adjusted yearly to the price index ‘CPI (Consumerpriceindex*) all households’. The agreement includes the following statements (concerning costs):

  • The use of the part of beach for the purpose of your beach house (by taxing municipal charges);
  • Placing, removal and storage of your beach house(s) during the winter months;
  • Water and sewerage connection and associated costs;
  • Services delivered by the manager of the beach houses (garbage removal, replacement of gas cylinders, supervision etc.);


Westland Strandhuis has collectively insured all of the beach houses. This is beneficial to the individual premium and is insures the houses on a wider basis. The premium fee charged to the individual owner and amounts to € 296.48 yearly. The owner is obligated to take part of this collective insurance. Your beach house is fully insured during the summer season on the beach, during the winter month in storage and during transport to and from the beach.

*) Priceindex CPI all households

The CBS (central bureau statistics in the Netherlands publishes the yearly inflation in the Netherlands. The inflation determines the general increase in prices and fall in the purchasing value of money for households in the Netherlands. The consumerpriceindex (CPI) presents the price variation of goods and services purchased by an average household in the Nehterlands. The consumerpriceindex of all households is adhered and applied in 90% of all rental agreements.