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luxury equipped

Everything you want to know about the beach houses

Our beach houses are made of high quality materials, not comparable with the old standard beach houses in the Netherlands you might encounter elsewhere on coastal location. The beach houses are situated on the northern half of the beach on the Hook of Holland. All of the beach houses are easily reachable by our own paved path.


  • Suitable for overnight stays up to 4 adults or 2 adults and 4 children

Features beach houses

  • Colour: Blue / white
  • Complies with the legal requirements regarding overnight stays;
  • 10 year warranty op materials and construction;
  • Paved path available easy access (all the way to the beach house).
  • Solar panels including all necessities.

Equipment (standard)

  • Kitchen with stove and refrigerator; 
  • Bathroom with a shower and toilet;
  • Storm resistant sunshade;
  • Tropical hard wood porch (18m2);
  • Sunshade fitting on porch.

Additional costs

Consisting of services and municipal taxes: app. € 5.000,- per year

Beach house

Pictures and maps

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