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All in one with your own beach house


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The beach, the sea and the sun

Who wouldn't want that as a backyard?


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Enjoy without interruptions

Through tailor made services!


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A beautiful beach house on a unique location...

For now and in the future


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An exceptional location

On the coast of South Holland


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Prachtig uitzicht

Wat een vakantiegevoel


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Your children will play endlessly,
you will enjoy endlessly

Westland Strandhuis offers what you have been looking for

At home at the beach

‘At home on the beach’ is a profound slogan we belief in; our community of owners possess a ‘home’ on the beach’. We sell more than just a beach house. We offer a unique setting on one of the rarest spots. To possess a beach house is to own a holiday feeling every time you visit. A location in the Netherlands where you can bask in its natural environment, feel the warmth of the sun and cool off in the ocean, steps away from your front door. Where loved ones eagerly come by. Where children have an unbelievable playground where they can play endlessly. Your beach house in South Holland. 

A one of a kind experience

Where long evenings take place around the barbeque with your friends and family or just the two of you sharing a bottle of wine while the sun is setting in your one of a kind background. The place where a breath-taking sunrise will wake you up every morning. Are you willing to let us provide you with this experience literally on the beach? Let us grasp your imagination and it will never let you go, and with that we will provide the best services.

"Een vakantiegevoel, zo dichtbij…"


"Hier komen we nu echt tot rust"

Quinten en Barbara

"Maar nu we een strandhuisje hebben stonden de kinderen al weer te trappelen"


"Uit de zaak rechtstreeks naar Hoek van Holland"


Watch the sun disappear into the sea, night after night

Your own luxury beach house on one of the most beautiful beach locations from Hook of Holland with permanent sea view. The beach houses are suitable for 4 to 5 people.

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