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The beach, the sea and the sun

Who wouldn't want that as a backyard?


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Enjoy without interruptions

Through tailor made services!


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A beautiful beach house on a unique location...

For now and in the future


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An exceptional location

On the coast of South Holland


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Prachtig uitzicht

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A private beach house with the
service you expect


People go to these beach houses to enjoy the sun, sea, beach and of course each other. Our priority is to make your stay as comfortable as possible.


At the beginning of every season (approximately 1 April) we will place your beach house on the beach of Hook of Holland and ready it for your use. We also take care of connecting every beach house to the sewer and water system. At the end of every season (approximately 1 October) we disconnect all of the beach houses and store them in a safe storehouse. This operation asks no effort from the owners of the beach houses.

Internet Access

We provide free wireless Internet access for all owners of the beach houses.


We are proud of the fact that we solely possess a hardened path alongside the front of the beach houses for ease of access giving all of our visitors the possibility to experience living on the beach. We are the only operation in the Netherlands possessing such a path and have indirectly opened the beach for all visitors with or without a disability to access the beautiful long stretched beach of Hook of Holland.


During the beach season a manager is present 7 days a week on the beach in his own beach house. He is the single point of contact for the owners. He manages all operations necessary for a hassle-free stay and watches over the beach. Any question you might have or any problem that may arise, the manager will solve it instantly. Is your gas cylinder empty? Garbage disposal? The manger will take care of it, every day of the week. Therefore, the only thing you will have to do is enjoy your stay at the beach.